OpportuNEETies is a KA2 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project that aims to increase the quality and relevance of learning opportunities by creating common skills between four European partners. We would like to develop hosting places for youngsters with fewer opportunities in each partner country. Indeed, for many years, we have noticed a shortfall in the mobility projects for NEETS. There are few adapted projects for these youngsters (not enough accessibility in the programme activities, long timelines and not enough shared stakes between sending partners and hosting youngsters).

In this context, this project seeks to analyze professional positions and contextual realities, to exchange know-hows and analyse blockages in order to find how youth workers can fit youngster’s qualifications into their expectations and needs. We would like to impulse a professional dynamic which would be in phase with each partner context. Our goal is to enhance the European cooperation by creating hosting projects for youngsters (in formal and non-formal education), in the identification of the various support process steps, particularly in social entrepreneurship possibilities.

Time of the project: 28 month, from September 2016 to December 2018.

Project timeline includes transnational times alternation:

– 4 copiloting meetings with 3 to 4 participants per country

– 4 practice exchanges and training seminars: 4 participants per country

Total of participants: 116 (within 4 from ethnic’s minorities or specific communities)

Each organization has the responsibility in its own area of the implementation and animation of a seminar-training, in which each of them are specialists:

WERKstattSCHULE, in Germany: “Continuity between formal and non-formal education: qualification programme for youth workers or teachers to strengthen the pedagogical competencies

YOUNET, in Italy: Social Entrepreneurship and NEETs

MUNDUS, in Spain: learning mobility and VET in the NEET experience

i-PEICC, in France: Involvement and participation of NEET

This project has as a basis the self-training logic. Each participant holds an expertise, and the competence is made by the synergies everyone’s expertise. Each participant is at the same time trained (by its peers) and trainer (to its peers). Each method used during the exchanges and trainings, will require active participation from the participants.

The alternation between transnational copiloting meetings and seminar-trainings should enhance the project appropriation by all participants (from referents to animators), and by partners and local authorities associated in each place.

Attending results:

– Each production collected during seminars-trainings – pedagogical material, experience testimonies and group analysis, resources, frame of informal and learning times animation – will be made available on a digital platform, which will serve as an intranet for participants in its private form and as an open resources place in its public one.

– A public and private partners awareness of the necessity of decompartmentalization for better coherence of NEET’s inclusion disposals.

Project should allow behavioral changes in the youth workers practices, in organization in which they are working and, in fine, in NEET’s support. At the end of the project, we evaluate to the number of 40 the new hosting projects for NEETS which will be created, which means 10 by country.