YouNet is a dynamic organisation opened to all forms of collaboration and that support the non profit sector and, in general, the macro-system of pro-social organisations.

YouNet cooperates with individuals, informal groups, foundations, and whichever public or private body aims to achieve a more equal, just and supportive society. Our focus is very much on empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their dreams.

YouNet promotes and carries out: volunteering activities at local, regional, national and international level; intercultural exchanges; medium and long term volunteering and learning projects; cultural, social, sport, recreational and editorial activities; seminars and training courses aimed to organisations, social workers and youths.

What is the profile of NEETs in Bologna?

In Italy, where the average age of graduation is higher – over 24 years – than most Member States of the European Union, the transition of young people from school to work takes place generally later. For this reason, despite Eurostat fix at 15-24 the age group of reference for observation of the NEET phenomenon, the attention to individuals with less of 30 years would mean losing sight of an important part of the youth population entering the labor market. Indeed, today in our region Emilia Romagna, young people who do not study and do not work account for 16.7% of the regional population in the 15-34 age group: they are mostly thirty-year olds with medium-high qualifications in search of employment. In the 15-24 age range, the category is mostly populated by young men, while in women the critical category is between 25 and 34 years. 

Who is working with NEETs at Younet?

In our organization the staff members working with NEETs are youth workers coming from direct experience in learning mobility experience especially in the framework of Youth in Action, LLP and Erasmus+. The people working with NEETs and allowing them to participate in learning mobility experience then have the concrete experience about what it takes and means to be abroad and to be involved in learning mobility projects.

How do we involve NEETs in our projects?

The most important way through which we reach NEETs is thanks to the cooperation with local contacts and local organizations (schools, public bodies, …). One of our most importants assets is YouMob infopoint. YouMob is the YouNet information desk hosted in the offices of Bologna municipality, raising awareness and sharing information about opportunities of international mobilities.

Which mobility projects do we offer for NEETs? 

To our NEETs we try to offer as many kind of mobilities as possible. Most frequently, we involve them in youth exchanges, international volunteering activities, work-based (VET) mobility experience (especially for recent graduates that haven’t yet find a job).

    How do we prepare NEETs before mobility projects? 

    Generally we offer the same preparation for all the people we send for mobility projects, predominantly based on non-formal education tools and methodologies. Depending on the profile of the participant, we offer additional preparation if we felt the need of this. We use as well ICT tools especially EdModo and Kahoot.

    Which are the difficulties while working with NEETs?

    The most common difficulty that we’re facing are in the selection process since often the NEETs with which we are working apply to multiple opportunities so it happens that after applying for one of our activity and being selected then they are withdrawing since another application they submit was approved as well or since they receive a job or education offer. Language barriers and low level of soft skills are among other common difficulties that we’re facing when working with NEETs.