WERKstattSCHULEe.V.  was founded in 1983 as a charitable, not-for-profit youth educational provider in Heidelberg and the Rhein-Neckar region (formerly “Werkstatte.V., 2014 change of name).  It pursues objectives of a practice-oriented cultural training, of international education, of youth welfare services and of child and youth services. The institution aims at supporting young people who are at the point of entering occupational life. There are 18 professionals employed by the association, only youth workers with practical backgrounds. The association takes place in Heidelberg, rich city of south Germany (twin city of Montpellier), which globally does not suffer so much of unemployment, but of lack of link between the formal education and the practical education, especially for youngsters with few opportunities and social backgrounds disabilities, for which the education frame is not adapted.