The third international meeting is taking place in Heidelberg, Germany, from the 12th to the 15th February 2018. Members from I-PECC, Werkstattschule, Younet and Mundus have gathered in the offices of WSS to evaluate the previous Seminar Trainings in Bologna and Zaragoza, and to design the plan for the upcoming actions towards the last months of the project.

Day 1:

The meeting has started at 2pm in Heidelberg, after everyone has arrived safely to the German city. The whole team has agreed on the items of the project agenda:

  1. Review of the website
  2. Seminar training in Bologna review
  3. Seminar training in Zaragoza review
  4. Seminar training plannning in Montpellier (5th-11th March 2018)
  5. Follow-up actions of OpportuNEETies
  6. Sharing tools and methods

Day 2:

The day has started with a high energy, visiting WSS headquarters, which are now under construction. After the visit, the meeting has continued in the provisional office in the town of Leimen.

The topics discussed during the second day of the international meeting have been the website content, the tools to be shared and the common future projects that will take place in cooperation. The website will be the platform to share the results of the partnership and the learning outcomes of each partner.

In the evening, in order to clear our minds, the group attends a traditional event in Darsberg, where the locals celebrate the end of the Carnival by setting a big wheel on fire and making it roll down the hill. Thanks Werksttatschule for organising such an evening activity!

Day 3:

On Wednesday we have a meeting only in the morning, as it is the departure day for the partners from Italy, Spain and France. A possible KA2 action is discussed, as well as the methodology to share tools and resources between the partners and to the general public. All in all the meeting has been very fruitful, as the evaluation has shown, and we hope to see each other again very soon for the last seminar training of the project, which will take place in Montpellier, and we’ll be hosted by I-PEICC.